GalleryPicture Submission

We encourage members of the Society and the general public to submit photos of birds taken in Devon for inclusion in our gallery.

Technical Criteria

Please ensure your photos meet the following requirements:

  • Photographed by yourself and you own the copyright.
  • Technically good, i.e. sharp focus, good exposure, well framed, etc.
  • No more than 1,000 pixels wide or high – please resize if necessary using photo editing software.
  • In JPEG format (.jpg or .jpeg).

Submitting Your Photos

Please use the Submit a Gallery Photo form on this page to submit your photos for inclusion in the gallery.

  • Items on the form marked in bold text are required, others are optional.
  • Suggestions will appear as you type in the Species box – simply click the appropriate bird species to ensure the correct spelling and capitalisation.
  • The anti-spam question is chosen randomly and will change each time you fill in the form.
  • All photos from the public will be checked by a moderator and approved if suitable before appearing in the gallery. This is done by volunteers and can take a few days to happen, so please be patient. We cannot guarantee to approve all posts and will edit or delete as necessary.

If you have any questions or problems regarding gallery photo submission please email

Becoming an Approved Photographer

If you would like to submit your photos to the gallery on a regular basis please email and ask to be added as an approved photographer. We cannot guarantee to accept all applications and may ask you to submit photos as a member of the public for a trial period if you haven’t previously submitted anything.

Submit a Gallery Photo

If you are a Devon Birds approved photographer please log into admin before submitting your photo.

Items shown in bold text are required.

Your photo must be no more than 1,000 pixels wide or high, maximum 1MB, in JPEG format.

So we know you are a human being and not a spam robot please answer the following question before submitting your photo.