follow up to Taw/Torridge Branch Meeting at Tamar Lakes

Concerning the observations made about Lower Tamar Lake during their recent meeting:-

1    The ‘wetland’ in front of the hide has overgrown, but funding is now in place to re-open this wetland area and this should be done by the end  of the year.   Contractors are being sought.

 2    The fencing and removal of vegetation – the Water Authority is legally responsible for fencing off adjoining farmlamd from their property.   The old fence had deteriorated and had to be replaced and this entailed removing the bracken/gorse/grass and some shrubs to provide access for the fencing contractors.   The fence has now been replaced and the vegetation is beginning to regrow.   By next year it should be well grown again.

3    The overgrown area to the right of the hide which restricted viewing to the right is now in the process of being thinned allowing a much wider field of view.

Harvey Kendall  (Volunteer Ranger)