Exeter Peregrines are growing up and we would like your help

If you go to the link http://www.stmichaelsmountdinham.org.uk/#  you can watch the development of the three young Peregrine chicks at St Michaels Church Exeter.

Their parents are very protective and attack any birds nearby, especially Buzzards, that they obviously see as a threat.

Nick Dixon our Devon Birds Specialist for St Michael’s Peregrines has asked for help as follows:

Peregrine Aggression towards Buzzards at St. Michael’s Church, Exeter

The attacking of Buzzards over Exeter during 2012 was reported in Devon Birds of April 2013, and increased last year with 48 attacks recorded, some fatal and these peaked through May and June.

It is again occurring this year and we are keen to hear of any observed incidents.

Ideally we would like to know the following details: the date, time and weather conditions, whether it involves one or both peregrines, the outcome (unseen, buzzard fell, buzzard escaped) and roughly where it occurred.

Please send any sightings to recorder@devonbirds.org and we shall pass the information on to Nick.