Devon Cuckoo update

Dart  has flown south for a summer holiday to Mallorca, adding a new island to those visited by tagged Cuckoos. He has travelled 500km (310 miles) from Italy to the south coast of Mallorca and is currently north of Cala Figuera in the Park Natural Mondrago.

Tor  poor quality transmissions from Tor on 23 July show that he is on Corsica, along with Sussex the Cuckoo.

It looks like Dart and Tor could cross from these islands to Africa but we will have to wait and see what they do next. 

Whortle  has now been in the area of the southern French Alps for four days and is now inland West of Barcelona.  

Ryder  seems to have retraced his steps a little, back to a much greener area of Morrocco the Tazekka National Park close to Fes where we imagine food would be more plentiful.