Cuckoo Update


The outlook for Dart is looking fairly bleak with no further transmissions received by the BTO. They tell us that it is likely that he has perished in Mallorca they understand that just after Dart’s arrival there was a huge wildfire on Mallorca. It’s likely that conditions weren’t good if the area was very dry so even if he wasn’t in the area affected by the fire, he may have struggled to find food and didn’t survive.


The signals from Ryder show that he did not continue to complete his desert crossing on 14 August. He backtracked a short distance into central Mauritania, a location from which he has not continued onwards from. The signals received are still from the middle of the desert and we think it is likely that he did not have the fuel reserves needed to complete the journey, and was unable to feed up in the barren landscape in which he stopped. 


On 25 July Tor started his crossing of the Tibesti Mountain area in northern Chad and by 27 July he had finished his desert crossing and was in Nigeria 120 south of Lake Chad where he spent time feeding up.  Since 24 August he has been gradually moving westwards and signals received by the BTO a week ago showed that he is now 255 miles further west just 32 miles from the city of Kanos near the northern border of Nigeria.


He spent six weeks in Spain and towards the end of August he was still feeding up there.  Then on 30th he began to move on down towards Benidorm then due South and by the morning of 1 September he had travelled jut over one thousand miles and was in southern Algeria.  He then continued travelling and during the next 18 hours he covered another c482 miles before stopping early morning on 2nd close to the Niger river in central Mali, an area that should be green and a good feeding station.  However 48 hours later he had covered another 180 miles in a south-easterly direction and was in Mali but close to its borders with Burkina Faso and Niger.  An incredible journey and hopefully he can now refuel.