Cuckoo Update – Whortle and Tor are on their way!

The exciting news is that we still have two active Cuckoos in Whortle and Tor, and here is an update on their progress over the last three months.

Back in November Whortle was in the Democractic Republic of Congo (DRC) in the middle of Africa and Tor was well to his west in Congo.  In December Whortle gently started his migration back to Europe and by late February had moved around 400 miles north west to Niki National Park in Cameroon.

However, Tor, after being located in Congo in November with a further report received in early December from the same area then went quiet with no signals right through the rest of December, January and also the whole of February when hope was then very much waning for his survival.

Then on 3 March, three whole months after his last transmission, there was a signal revealing he has moved North into the Central African Republic and we hope feeding up in preparation for his migration back to Devon.

We are delighted with this news and wish them well for the very hazardous Sahara crossing and the rest of their journey back to Devon.