Cann Quarry Peregrines

The Plym Peregrine Project is a long running conservation and engagement project located a short distance from Plymouth. Started in 2001, the project aims to protect a pair of breeding peregrine falcons in Plymbridge Woods from a fantastic vantage point that offers breathtaking views of the peregrines and the many other species in the woods.

There have been breeding peregrine falcons at Cann Quarry in Plymbridge Woods for at least 50 years. Since it started the project has seen 34 chicks successfully leave the nest, with some of the young being recorded at other locations raising chicks of their own. 

Volunteers are essential to the project and the protection of the birds. We have a friendly and passionate team but we always welcome new members and there are a number of spaces available this year.  Shifts are flexible and you can volunteer as much time as you choose. 

What’s involved:Peregrine by Steve Waterhouse

Monitoring a pair of breeding peregrine falcons

Being aware of any disturbances to the birds

Logging the activity of the birds

Engaging with a wide range of people

Handling telescopic equipment


A strong bird knowledge is not required as there will be a full introduction to the project, although there is plenty to see for those with keen bird knowledge The project is located a short walk from the National Trust car park at Plymbridge Woods. If you would like more information on the project, and how to get involved please get in touch with us on 01752 341377 or email David Houghton