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RingingRing Ouzels

Please look out for and report colour-ringed migrating Ring Ouzels

A three year study into the Ring Ouzel and its general nesting ecology and productivity on Dartmoor was completed. The study initially by Natural England, and then by the SITA Trust, was been implemented by the RSPB South West office and was carried out by Nick Baker and Fiona Freshney with considerable assistance from the Dartmoor National Park Authority, voluntary rangers and of course Devon Bird members.

Despite the shaky start to the 2012 season with worries of low numbers and birds not present in some of what we thought were prime spots, they did pick up and get their acts together by mid-summer.

Part of the ongoing project was that with the boundless enthusiasm of Nik Ward most of the fledglings were weighed, measured and ringed, not only with metal BTO rings but also with colour rings.

Devon Birds decided that this project should continue and approached the RSPB Exeter and jointly we have funded a further year's work again with colour ringing.

Out there somewhere we sent 40+ young birds all with their own easy to recognise identity - they are all sporting a single blue year colour ring above the metal BTO ring on the Right leg while the Left leg has an individual combination of three colour rings. If you see any of these birds, anywhere it will be really useful to hear about them, recording the three colour combination and giving us a GPS or grid reference and if possible notes on what they were up to as well. It’s always a bit of a long shot, but we have had a few sightings already and any information we can gather about what they get up to and where is potentially vital to our understanding of their lives after they leave the safety of the nest.

Please send any sighting information to the Data Manager and hopefully we'll be able to continue this project again in 2014.