RecordingQuick Report Form

Use this quick and easy online form to submit a single bird record that you think may be of interest to us (e.g. an unusual bird seen out on a walk or in your garden).

Notes on the Form

  • Items on the form marked in bold text are required, others are optional.
  • Suggestions will appear as you type in the Species box – simply click the appropriate species to ensure the correct spelling and capitalisation.
  • The anti-spam question is chosen randomly and will change each time you fill in the form.

Regular Submissions

If you intend to make regular submissions of bird records we prefer you to use the Devon Birds submission form.

Records Required

Although we are willing to receive all records of birds in Devon, some records are more useful than others, depending on the species.

The types of records required for each species are indicated by a record code against the species name listed in the Devon List as well as the Devon List Appendix in current Devon Bird Reports.

Submit a Bird Record

So we know you are a human being and not a spam robot please answer the following question before submitting your record.