Current posting rules for sightings and photographs

Rules for posting of sightings and photographs during the Summer 2023

The rules relating to what sightings and photographs will be accepted and posted on Devon Birds website and social media platforms are due to be reviewed and redrafted during he Summer of 2023.

Until this work is completed, the following rules shall apply

  1. No sightingsof Schedule 1 and other Devon vulnerable species are to be published during the nesting season, except when allowed by Devon Birds team.

Moderators will take a view on whether certain sightings are of migrants or wintering birds which may be published.

  1. No photographsof Schedule 1 species will be published during the nesting season under any circumstances. For other vulnerable species, the Devon Birds team will take a case-by-case approach.

No photos taken at nests will be published of any species.

Even outside the nesting season no photos or sightings will be published of certain species of high vulnerability – currently red grouse and lesser spotted woodpecker.

These rules are intended to be clear and unambiguous.

If anybody is unsure of the species covered by schedule 1, please use the link below and visit the RSPB website for clarification.

To highlight any amendments to this page, please contact