Current posting rules for sightings and photographs

Rules for posting of sightings and photographs 

Please refer to the table below

General guidelines for responsible birding, including photography, have been prepared by the RSPB – please see them here:

A number of bird species in Devon are still vulnerable to disturbance, either deliberate or unwitting. Although many birders are careful to respect bird boundaries, we still see too many cases of clumsy intrusion, especially during the nesting season. We have therefore produced some guidance rules for records and pictures to help keep our bird populations safe.

  1. Records of Schedule 1 and other Devon vulnerable species, as specified in the Table below, will not to be published during the nesting season.

    They may be published outside the nesting period if we agree that they are migrants or wintering, and in the Devon Bird Report later after evaluation.

  2. Photographers should abide by the codes of conduct from the RSPB and BTO. To ensure clarity, no photos taken at nests will be published of any species.
  3. Photographs of species in Bold will not be published by Devon Birds on any platform. This is to protect vulnerable species from any unnecessary disturbance, even if innocently caused.


Species Locations will not be published
  Site(s) Months (inclusive)
Schedule 1 – protected by law
Garganey All sites, except Exminster Marshes & migrants Apr-Jul
Bittern All sites Apr-Jul
Honey-buzzard All sites – except migrants May-Jul
Red Kite All sites – except migrants Jan – Dec
Marsh Harrier All sites, except Exminster Marshes & migrants Apr-Jul
Hen Harrier All sites, except migrants All year
Goshawk All sites All year
Merlin All sites, except migrants All year
Hobby All sites, except migrants May-Sept
Peregrine All sites All year
Little Ringed Plover All sites – except migrants Mar- Jul
Barn Owl All sites All year
Kingfisher All sites Apr-Jul
Red-backed Shrike All sites – except migrants Apr – Jul
Chough All sites Mar-Jul
Bearded Tit All sites Apr-Aug
Woodlark All sites – except migrants Jan – Dec
Dartford Warbler All sites All year
Serin All sites – except migrants Mar – Jul
Devon Birds of Concern    
Gadwall All sites, except Slapton Ley, Beesands Apr – Jul
Red Grouse All sites All year
Golden Plover Dartmoor Apr-Jul
Dunlin Breeding sites Apr-Jul
Curlew Breeding sites Mar-Jul
Common Sandpiper Breeding sites Apr-Jul
Long-eared Owl All sites All year
Little Owl All sites All year
Lesser Spotted Woodpecker All sites All year
Turtle Dove All sites, except migrants All year
Wood Warbler All sites, except migrants All year
Firecrest All sites Mar-Jul
Willow Tit All sites, except Tamar Lakes Mar-Jul
Ring Ouzel Dartmoor Mar – Jul
Hawfinch All sites except Haldon and migrants Jan – Dec


These rules are intended to be clear and unambiguous.

If anybody is unsure of the species covered by schedule 1, please use the link below and visit the BTO website for clarification.

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