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We welcome contributions for the Devon Bird Sightings from Devon Birds members and the wider public. If you have something you would like to post on the blog – an unusual bird sighting, for example – please use the form below to submit it.

Please ensure that all sightings that you post follow our posting guidelines 

All posts from the public will be checked by a moderator and approved if suitable before appearing. We cannot guarantee to approve all posts and will edit or delete as necessary.

Please think very carefully before posting any information on scarce or rare breeding species. If in any doubt, please check the list.

Please note, submitting a Bird Sighting is a public "news" item and not the same as Recording a sighting, please see the Recording section for more information.

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Max 1MB, JPEG/JPG (see notes on Max Image size if you need help).

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Becoming a Co-Author

If you’d like to contribute to the Devon Bird Sightings blog on a regular basis please email and ask to be added as a co-author.

We can’t guarantee to accept all co-author applications and may ask you to post as a member of the public for a trial period if you haven’t previously posted anything.

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