Posting Guidelines

This page is intended for the guidance of co-authors of the Devon Bird Sightings blog. If you regularly go birding in Devon, and would like to become a co-author, please email

We should point out that Devon Bird Sightings is intended to provide news mainly of Devon’s less common avian visitors, rather than more everyday fare. We mention this not to imply elitism, but so that any would-be co-authors can see clearly what Devon Bird Sightings is about, and decide whether that is something they would like to be a part of.

And finally, contributors must register and post using their real name please, not a pseudonym. Thanks.

General Guidelines

Hopefully common sense will prevail, but nevertheless forgive us for stating the obvious in the first bullet point! Also, a few suggestions that might help make a trip to Devon Bird Sightings a more pleasant experience for the visitor.

  • Please do not post news relating to birds that could be harmed by the unscrupulous – vulnerable birds of prey, rare breeders, etc. It’s not rocket science.Please see the current posting rules page for specific guidance in that area.
  • Kindly keep posts brief and to the point, so that visitors don’t have to wade through reams of prose to find the news!
  • Please include the location in the post title – e.g. Seaton Marshes, Dawlish Warren, etc.
  • Please do upload photos if you have any.
  • Feel free to post sightings of interesting wildlife other than birds.

How to Post

  • If you have been given Admin rights, then you can post sightings straight to the site by logging in to your admin account. If not, then please use the “submit a Bird Sighting” button on the Birdwatching tab
  • Once logged in hit the “submit Collaborator Bird Sighting” button and complete the form.
  • You can upload up to two photos. Please make sure the photos are not more than 1,000 pixels wide or high and no larger than 1MB and in JPEG (.jpg) format.
To highlight any amendments to this page, please contact