Follow up to my Red Kite Tiverton Canal sighting on 3rd June 2024, I logged it with the Southern Colour Ringing Group who responded with the following –

Many thanks for sending in your sighting to the North Thames Gull Group and Southern Colour Ringing Group. This is an excellent one. Most of our birds go East or NNE so this is only one of a few that have gone SW from our study site. It was ringed nearly a year ago as a nestling just half a mile from my house as one of a brood of three in an Oak tree which has produced young for nearly 9 years now. 

We will load these records into our database and they will soon appear on our web site at the following link:

The updated database shows the red kite was ringed on 9th June 2023 at Benington Tonys Wood Hertfordshire & has travelled 254kms WSW to Tiverton Devon