Late post from yesterday. Following slurry spreading, as the sun came up and moon went down 4 buzzards feeding in one of fields behind the house including 2 strikingly coloured cream individuals puffed up against the cold. These were soon harried out of it by carrion crows and then quite incredible views during the morning in terms of sheer number of birds. Gulls – black headed, herring and lesser black backed, very difficult to count as they swirled around field to field but perhaps 2000 – 3000 with starling murmarations in amonsgt them. Interestingly not a rook to be seen in amongst the corvids. In the afternoon the starlings moved to fields in front of the house stopping off in the trees, quite amazing sounds of singing and wings. On/under the feeders a smart male yellowhammer with the chaffinches and house sparrows and 5 tit species including 2 marsh tits and late on several long tailed tits that returned this morning. Counted 11 on the fat balls with just enough room for a single blue tit.  Earlier in the week 1 possibly 2 noisy mistle thrushes in the garden.