A good day for Geese and Birds of Prey at RSPB Bowling Green Marsh today.

Approx 550 Canada’s including three leucistic birds and a hybrid which I suspect may be a Canada / Emperor goose cross, singles of Snow Goose, Grey Lag Goose and Barnacle Goose along with a Greylag hybrid and two Egyptian geese.

A Hobby went over the marsh, three visits by hunting Peregrines, the first a female went after the Black Tailed Godwit’s, another hunting female chased some Teal over the marsh and took one before losing its grip and losing the bird which dived into the water, a Tiercel then arrived and again went after the Teal without success.

100’s of Black Tailed Godwit (one colour ringed bird) arriving on the high tide along with 3 Bar Tails, singles of Ruff and Avocet, a small number of Curlew, and not as many Redshank as recently, 3 Heron, 1 Little Egret, 3 Lapwing

Ducks included Shelduck, Shoveler approx 20, large numbers of Pintail arriving over the high tide, Mallard, Teal in good numbers with lots of Wigeon arriving towards high tide and a single Gadwall drake.