We cycled down to Horsey at around 08:30 this morning hoping to see the Osprey but instead we had good distant views through the scope of an interesting & unusual interaction between a Peregrine Falcon & an adult female Marsh Harrier.

We think the Peregrine had targeted & probably injured a flying bird which we could see on the surface of the water 1/2 mile away .It made several passes but failed to recover the prey item bobbing about on the surface of the water.  This did not go unnoticed by a passing Marsh Harrier which also had several unsuccessful attempts at retrieving the injured bird. After some time both birds of prey needed a rest & alighted on two posts side by side a short distance apart!

The Osprey was seen later during the morning over Horsey by which time I had cycled down the Tarka trail to Pottington to find 1 Curlew Sandpiper amongst a flock of Dunlin,  26 Black tailed Godwits & 1 Knot.