At 12.30, an adult Iceland Gull flew south, close in, over the wave-cut platform and on beyond Sandy Point.  

Earlier on arrival, 2 Eiders (1 immature/female and 1 immature male) were tight in, around the Lead Stone. 

Elsewhere, the adult male Black Redstart showed well on the south side boulders and an immature/female was mobile around The Point.  A GND was south west of the Orestone with two further birds in Hope Cove.  A female Sparrowhawk patrolled the top of the site.  A Great Crested Grebe flew north.  Two Blackcaps were also seen in the scrub.

7 Grey Seals were hauled out on Thatcher Rock with a further one swimming around The Point.  A Harbour Porpoise was in outer Hope Cove.