Ahead of the first shower of rain there was an impressive movement of sand martins, some high and others close to the ground. Few other birds with them. The resident swallows at Turf appear to be back on territory with at least 3 pairs sitting on the moored boats in the canal.

On the high tide roost 3 spoonbill still. A mixed flock of waders included whimbrel, curlew, black-tailed and bar-tailed godwit. Over 20 little egret spread over the marsh and 2 cattle egret near the Lion’s rest industrial estate.

Singing blackcap, Cettis, sedge warbler and chiffchaff on the canal bank. Alongside Station Road singing sedge, reed and Cettis warblers. A single Egyptian goose with a group of Canada geese. One pair of Canada geese had 7 chicks. the first I have seen this year.