Walk from Exminster to Turf this morning. Mild and dry. Duck numbers continue to fall on the marsh. A couple of pintail, c30 shoveller and c100 wigeon remain. Teal were reasonably plentiful but hard to count as they are well dispersed across the marsh. A single tufted duck was on the lagoon.

The mild conditions tempted several skylark to sing and a goldcrest in Station Road near the Lion’s rest industrial estate was also singing. A reed bunting near the canal provided a short burst of song and a nearby great tit incorporated snatches of the reed bunting song in to its own.

A great-crested grebe off of Turf and a pair of oystercatchers on the scrapes near the viewing platform ( which is in the process of being revamped by the RSPB) were the only other sightings of note.