Yesterday was a good day for birds sightings. In Gidleigh there were two Treecreepers, a couple of Jays, singing Willow Warblers and a Blackcap.

In Sigford there were a good number of Swifts (10 -15), House Martins (10-15), a Green Woodpecker and a singing Blackcap.

In Ashburton a Song Thrush singing from the top of a tall tree.

Emsworthy Mire were there were a few Cuckoos, a coupler Wheatear, a male Redstart, a couple of Skylark that were annoyed at their close encounter with a Cuckoo, a couple of Linnets and the usual Meadow pipits.

On to Challacombe Farm were there were a few Willow Warbler, Swallows on the road, a Redstart, a Wren, two Dunnock, a couple of Linnets. a Cuckoo, a Robin and heard a possible Garden Warbler.