Was walking up the cycle track from Powderham towards Turf at lunchtime when I heard a squealing coming from behind the brambles alongside. A couple of steps further revealed a Heron taking off with a Weasel dangling from its bill. It flew over the railway and disappeared, with the Weasel still alive. Two minutes later, the Heron re-appeared and dropped into the same ditch, so do not know the outcome, but hard to imagine the Weasel lived, even if not swallowed. Presumably good strategy for a predator to re-visit the site of previous success.

Only other things of note were my first three returning Common Gulls, and a Swallow heading S.

Back in Exeter, a Little Grebe has spent the week in the pan of the Trews Weir flood channel, a once-a-decade occurrence, as with the recent Blackwit.