I visited Darts Farm this afternoon at 3.20 and saw the 6 grey geese. Thinking they might be Greylags, but didn’t look quite right, I had a closer look. It is my opinion they are Swan Geese. All clearly showing a darker crown, nape and rear neck, in contrast to paler face and front of neck. Although the contrast isn’t as strong as I have seen before, but still clearly there. Of the ones I looked at more closely, they had all black bills, though I didn’t see the bills on all of them. Off course this is a personal opinion, but I have seen many PF/Bean Geese, including both spp of Bean over the years. Birding is a learning process and I am still learning too, but I have seen Swan Geese in recent years too and I am sure this is what they are. Maybe tomorrow may bring a different view.