A walk up the track to Middleworth, Deancombe and then over the Narrator Brook to

Outcombe copse, returning along the edge of the moor by Roughtor Plantation and

Narrator Farm ruins,  produced the following:

Redstart   3 singing males Middleworth/Deancombe

Blackcap  4 singing

Willow Warbler   5 singing

Chiffchaff    3 singing

Reed Bunting   1 singing Narrator Brook

Cuckoo   2 calling

Siskin   3 calling in plantation edges

Tree Pipit   only one heard near Narrator Farm ruins

Buzzard   one soaring over Roughtor plantation carrying a snake

also  two Red Deer hinds near Middleworth, and a young Grass Snake on road

Some time spent searching the copses at Deancombe and Outcombe for Pied Flycatchers.  None located with one box at Deancombe occupied by Great Tits