“Avian Architecture” by Peter Goodfellow

Long-term member and Devon Birds’ Chairman from 1996-98, Peter Goodfellow, has just (Sept 2013) had his book  Avian Architecture published in the UK by Ivy Press. The original USA edition of 2011 was enthusiastically reviewed by the New York Times, and in other publications. Peter was interviewed by several radio stations about the book and birds’ nests in general, and won the American Publishers Award for the Best Popular Science and Popular Mathmatics book of that year.  See also Devon Birds April 2012 where the book is reviewed by Mike Lock with the opening sentence “If you are interested in Birds’ nests then this is a book for you…..”.
Its UK details are: Published by Ivy Press, hardback, 160pp., £18.99, ISBN 978-1-908005-84-7