Apple Day in N Devon

“Apple Day” was held on October 18th this year at High Bickington by their Community woodland group with a woodland/nature theme and during the day they planted a small orchard in an open area in the Woodland.  Jacqui Fernandes, Maria Bosley, Bill Doughty and Norman Briden went along to represent Devon Birds and presented them with a Tit nestbox, as part of their long term planning for the woodland is to build a bird hide and construct a variety of bird nestboxes. Plans of nest boxes were also provided by Devon Birds and the Community Group will run a workshop for the local children to involve them in building the boxes.

The community woodland is 10 years old this year and was awarded the top woodland award at the Devon County Show this year. So their aim was to start their celebrations by raising awareness in the Community of the diverse nature of Woodlands.  They were pressing apples that people brought in and selling the juice, serving ploughman’s lunches and lots of different delicious cakes, to raise funds for the maintenance of their woodland.

The woodland itself is a lovely area, and a lot of thought has gone into the planting to encourage wildlife. A most enjoyable day!

Devon Birds display at Apple Day